Tillie is a little blue female switch engine and the titular protagonist of the The Little Engine That Could (1991).


Tillie is a small switch engine based at Kahlville Junction, where she shunts cars and coaches in the yard, and sometimes helps the engines get a jumpstart! Though she can be a little emotional at times, she's an optimistic young engine with alot of determination, strong will, and steam power!


Tillie appears to be based on the American T. D. Judah locomotive rebuilt as 4-2-2, but with a coal bunker instead of a tender. Jebediah is another member of this class.


  • It is unknown if and however she got back to the round-house, after the events of the movie, as the bridge had collapsed.
  • Tillie originated from the 1991 'The Little Engine That Could' movie. Other engines from the film include Big Freighter Pete, Farnsworth, Georgia, Jebediah and Doc.
  • There have been three versions of Tillie's model, currently, the series uses Version 3.