Hoot and Toot are British trainee siamese twin diesel-electric hybrid engines who were introduced in Season 2.


A twin pair of goods engines on the Crotoonian Seaside Railway (Hoot being male and Toot being female), these two engines spend most time connected not only because they're siblings but they're nothing without each other. Though like most twins, they may tend to bicker at times and Toot may be more of an attention seeker than Hoot, they both share a dislike for rules which often gets them in trouble but the guidance of engines like Duck and Yaemon can ensure that they stay really useful engines. They're are good friends with Piper and Oliver, and they do work hard to deliver their goods...most of the time!


Hoot and Toot are based on a hybrid between the BR Class 168 DMU and the BR Class 70 Powerhaul diesel, because they were designed for freight like, the BR Class 70, and their cabs' resemblances to the Class 168's.


  • Hoot is male, whilst Toot is female.
  • Hoot and Toot are usually together; however, in some episodes, they are seen apart.
  • Hoot is slightly red-green colour blind.
  • Hoot has one horn, while Toot has two.
  • They live in the Trainee Roundhouse with Wilson, Brewster, and Koko.
  • In German Hoot is called "Leon" and Toot is called "Lea".
  • In Polish Hoot is called "Buczek" and Toot is called "Nutka".
  • Their catchphrase is "Hoot and Toot are ready to scoot!" In German, their catchphrase is "Lea und Leon sind auf und davon!" - "Lea and Leon are up and away!" In Polish, their catchphrase is "Nutka i Buczek - pierwsi do sztuczek!" - "Nutka and Buczek - first for tricks!"
  • They sometimes describe things as "hooting-tooting".
  • Toot always seeks attention, much to Hoot's annoyment.
  • They are good friends with Piper.
  • Their situation was a conjoint twins.
  • Hoot and Toot are similar to Mighty Mac from Thomas & Friends, but the only difference is Hoot and Toot can come apart while Mighty Mac cannot.