Bayswater is a crane barge who lives at the supply dock. He is often used to collect barrels and send them to the oil refinery. He is a barge who's personality is to have fun all the time, once calling Hank "bumper-bum". He is good friends with Brunswick Barge despite some arguments over which barge is superior. Once, Theodore and Hank had to pull him through a storm which resulted in Bayswater losing some of his barrels. He was also told a story by Foduck, and him and Brunswick fell asleep. Overall, he is a kind barge who is a little misguided and misunderstood, but friendly nonetheless.


Bayswater is of a freelance design. He doesn’t seem to be based on a specific prototype.


  • Bayswater and Guysborough are the only barges with whistles.
  • Bayswater's hull is recycled from Bobby's.