Arthur is a big maroon tank engine from The Island of Sodor.


Arthur is a big tank engine who has never been naughty in his life because he is quite a causious engine, because of this he has gained a "spotless record" and so he is responcible for some pretty important roles on Crotoonia's railway. He mainly shunts trucks and pulls goods trains. Arthur can be a bit naive however and after a jealous Thomas tricked Arthur into setting his standards too high with the trucks, his record did not stay as spotless as he had hoped. Arthur aims to please in his work and he enjoys the sea air and the smell of the fish.


Arthur is based on an LMS Ivatt Class 2MT tank engine developed for the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (hence the initials on his tanks). Unlike his basis, Arthur lacks a sand dome.


  • According to an early leak on the names of the seventh season characters, Arthur was originally going to be called Clarence. It was then changed to Arthur, when TV mag ran a competition to give him an official name, and that was the one chosen. Arthur was named after the late grandfather of competition winner Luke Sharp.
  • Arthur was never seen with a CGI face in the twelfth season, Harvey also was too, but he was seen with CGI faces in a few deleted scenes of said season.
  • As of the ninth season learning segment, Arthur's Tricky Travels, Arthur shares Edward's whistle sound.
  • Though he is painted in the LMS maroon livery, his class was only ever painted black when in service on the LMS.
  • His class were nicknamed "Mickey Mouse Tanks", as their route indicator disks look like the ears of Disney's famous character Mickey Mouse.