Alfred is a red Atlantic engine.


The "Crack Train" of the Crotoonian Main Line in the early days of Crotoonia, Alfred, a kind, big-hearted, quick-to-the-point engine, nowadays works along the main line, usually pulling expresses from Rotoslopia to Gridinia, or hauling heavy freights all around the line. With a strong, "get it movin'" work ethnic, Alfred is very trustworthy with quicker deliveries, though he's nowhere near as fast as the streamliners like Olwin or Montana. At the moment, he usually does a 3:00pm supply drop-off and a 4:00 dirt/gravel pick-up to and from the site of the new Cliffstone Mountain Hotel, where buffers lie at the end (though a branch line is planned to be built connecting back to the mainline from Cliffstone Centre Quarry) and a roadway travels through.


Alfred seems to be of a freelance design. He doesn't seem to be based on a specific prototype.